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    • Miyosha Steele

      Comment on "Lab Reports"

      David, I think the workshop is a great start. My students have surprised me with the ideas that they...their part. I'm sure you will see an improvement after you have the workshop and give them a second chance...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Lab Reports"

        David, Thanks for starting this discussion. The workshop is a good idea. It can be an effective tool for establishing norms about the type and quality of acceptable work. Please share with us about it.

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        • Ellen Tietjen

          Reflection on Complex Thinking

          ...    Another example of stategy is when use the workshop model in my classroom to demo...instruction, it consists of the “I do” portion of the workshop model and consists of me lect...

          • Zeeshan Pervaiz


            ...w methods to do so at the conference. At the conference, I sat in on a workshop by a Physics teacher from Col...t he has on Force. The following is taken and quoted directly from his workshop; Elicit prior understandin...

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          • Pace  Innovative Teaching Workshop

            Pace Innovative Teaching Workshop

            Here is the online home for the June 2018 workshop.
            • Gerald Ardito


              Hello everyone, It has been great working with you this week. I am glad to be able to share Pace Commons with you. Please ask questions.leave comments or feedback, or suggestions to this presentation by leaving a comment below.

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