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    • Anees Mohammad

      Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans conferencing and to allocate sufficient time weekly for students to self-assess...tructional conferencing with students every two weeks. Research demonstrates that...plementing this practice by the second or third week of the new school year. ...

      • Tatyana Jackson

        Group E week 5 discussion

        Hey guys hope everyone is having a great week I look forward to hearing from you all this week as we explore close reading. -Tatyana

        • Darren Dempster

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          Based on the first week's assignment and my current understanding of...formative assessment based on the topic for the week. For example, if students are...y nucleotides of a DNA strand. By the end of the week, the final and complete spira...

          • Xin

            Week 7 Group E

            Good evening all!! We've made it to week 7! I look forward to reading your responses! Thanks!! Best, Xin

            • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

              Week 11 3x3

              WEEK 11 3X3   Xixi expressed that in order to teach we must take into consideration the students background, identity and understand the needs of minority s...

              • Kevin Walker

                Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans

                ...rd in my possession while I am teaching, so I would add this sheet to the board. I only provide four instructional days a week, so each tracking sheet is designed to last a week. The columns would be filled...

                • Jing Zhu

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                  ...session at the beginning of each class while only do an exit quiz once a week. Although reviewing and asses...k for all students everyday, I will pick 10 percent of the students each week for further assessing and pro...

                  • Christopher Colella

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                    ...esson and skill specifically. At the end of the week there may be a summative asse...Unit 3 - Week 1 - Parts of the Atom...e daily. I also have a content coach who visits weekly. Using their feedback, I ca...

                    • Amanda Spadaro

                      Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans

                      ...erent objectives we are learning throughout the week. The exit ticket will provide...only for warm-ups and exit tickets; she gives a weekly grade for these. I as to when Skedula has been updated with the week’s grades (all of the wo...