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    • Melissa Meireles

      Week 5 Response

      ...nk this pedagogy can work to a certain extent but there needs be some tutorials as well. When I started worki...knowledge on eToys to produce my desired project so I began watching tutorials and demos. This helped me gre...

      • Maria Minafra

        Mbot Week 1

        ...t this week. First, I think the step-by-step tutorials are great tools for students...llenge themselves. I liked how the first few tutorials such as playing music, LED di...and dancing mBot tutorial. Out of all of the tutorials, creating a figure 8 in the c...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Basic Scratch Tutorial Series

          This is a really, really good set of video tutorials to support your learning of Scratch. The author created these from his books on Scratch, which are available via the Kindle store for about $3.00 each. Basic Scratch Beyond Basic Scratch

          • Gerald Ardito

            Getting started with Pace Commons

            Here are a couple of brief tutorials for getting started using Pace Commons.


            • Guido Torres

              Turtle Block

              I looked online for more tutorials and found some very interesting artistic designs. I learned to appreci...the command is given. As for questions with Turtle Block, I think more tutorials would help.  

              • Rebecca Capsuto

                Etoy file

                Okay so here is my Etoy practice. This actually has nothing to do with education. I wanted to do a video on the basic parts of speech: verbs, nouns, and adjectives. But as someone else stated this was more difficult than expected. I even went on youtube to look at different peoples tutorials.


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