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    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

      Comment on "Week 2 Robotics"

      ...s challenges a bit more than week one. I was not able to get the same tutorials that you were not able to get...think that it would interesting to see the students work through the tutorials and use trial and error to fi...

      • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

        Comment on "More MBot Tutoring...Using sensors"

        ...y, you and I did not have the same outcome after completing the weeks tutorials. I suppose my mBots sensors a...emely sensitive because I couldn't get them to work throughout my tutorials. Glad you and your purple soc...

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        • Dana Paniagua

          Week 1 Robotics

          ...tool for students. I thought the tutorials were clear and geared toward...basics. I liked the step-by-step tutorials, including the visuals and ex...o do this. The square and circle tutorials were helpful, but the figure...derstanding with the next set of tutorials! Week 1 Challenges

          • Melissa Meireles

            Week 5 Response

            ...nk this pedagogy can work to a certain extent but there needs be some tutorials as well. When I started worki...knowledge on eToys to produce my desired project so I began watching tutorials and demos. This helped me gre...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Basic Scratch Tutorial Series

              This is a really, really good set of video tutorials to support your learning of Scratch. The author created these from his books on Scratch, which are available via the Kindle store for about $3.00 each. Basic Scratch Beyond Basic Scratch


              • Guido Torres

                Turtle Block

                I looked online for more tutorials and found some very interesting artistic designs. I learned to appreci...the command is given. As for questions with Turtle Block, I think more tutorials would help.  

                • Rebecca Capsuto

                  Etoy file

                  Okay so here is my Etoy practice. This actually has nothing to do with education. I wanted to do a video on the basic parts of speech: verbs, nouns, and adjectives. But as someone else stated this was more difficult than expected. I even went on youtube to look at different peoples tutorials.


                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Weeks 1 and 2: mBot Basics and More mBot Basics

                    ...Bot folks have put together some really good tutorials to introduce new users to the...p; For Week 1, please complete these tutorials: Play Music The LED Dis...Week 2 For Week 2, please complete these tutorials: Reading Sensors The Li...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Week 2 - It's Alan Kay's World, We Just Live In It

                      Week 2: It's Alan Kay's world, we are just living in it. Now that we are getting the hang of Pace Commons, we are about to launch into some of the core wo...

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