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    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

      Comment on "More MBot Tutoring...Using sensors"

      ...y, you and I did not have the same outcome after completing the weeks tutorials. I suppose my mBots sensors a...emely sensitive because I couldn't get them to work throughout my tutorials. Glad you and your purple soc...

      • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

        Comment on "mBot week 3 - The Dance Off Challenge"

        ...ed for some parts, didn't work for others. Lastly, completing the tutorials prior to completing the assignment most definitely helped. Without the tutorials, I don't think I would ha...

        • Tamren Estevez

          Comment on "Etoy Struggle"

          You definitely have some artistic skills here. I was just able to doodle some words and make them loop around in a circle. Props to you! Keep practicing. There are tons of tutorials for etoys out there. I found this one really useful.

          • Shaina Weir

            Comment on "Driving to the"

            Thanks! Honestly, I didn't like it at first but once I got the hang of where everything was, I was able to do what I needed. I don't like the tutorials because they didn't really help me and I had to figure out most of the things on my own.

            • Jeff Magliola

              Comment on "Google Visits SWFL School to Teach Kids How to Code"

              ...started introducing CS-First last year to the 4th and 5th grade at my school. Most of the kids picked it up right away and enjoyed following the tutorials. The one thing that I'm w...

              • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

                Comment on "Car"

                The experience was extremely challenging. I went through many of the tutorials and then when I was on my own, I felt as though I had no idea what to do. I read the group activity and n...

                • Alicia Gallagher

                  Comment on "Mbot Week 1"

                  Hey Maria! Great job on your week 1 tutorials. I felt that after completing each tutorial I am feeling more and more comfortable with programming my MBot! Love your video :) 

                  • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

                    Comment on "Mbot Week 1"

                    Maria, I agree that the step-by-step tutorials are great tools for students to use when they are learning how to use the mBot at the start of the lesson. I too felt that they were clea...

                    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

                      Comment on "mBot Week 1"

                      Alicia, I took a session with Dr. Ardito but waited until a few days after to start the tutorials, meaning I forgot a few of the things that he had told me. However, without the in person session, I would have been completely lost the past four weeks. 

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Comment on "CS For Teachers Portfolio"

                        ...ut for me: I accomplished not only completing my computer science course work, but at the same time learning not to give up. A few of these tutorials and programs gave me a run fo...