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    • Olivia Difusco

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      Robert, Nick, Taylor and I discussed our list in a text messaging g...t are as followed: If a teacher is patient, that means they a...eaching. Another example of a teacher being patient is when a group...Another obvious example of a teacher being patient is understandin...

      • Gerald Ardito

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        ...of maturity, social-emotional development, and physical development. The vignettes are the “coolest” teacher in middle school, so they always...rucial in terms of adolescent development because this is period of pre...

        • Gerald Ardito

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          Lorna, I really enjoyed reading your response to th...unity or media) provide the groundwork for the development of our youth, and to some degr...iculum. Do you think you would need some professional development to support your goals here. I...

          • Gerald Ardito

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            Tabitha, You are the only person so far in the clas...iscuss student diversity and its impact on the development of middle schoolers. This is a...he way of schools doing that now? What kind of professional development would be helpful?

            • Ann Lynch

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                        Adolescent Pro...s (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners readings, or readings from professional journals that support yo...14). What every middle school teacher should know. Portsmouth, NH: Heine...

              • Gerald Ardito

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                ...And I am very glad that you made that connection with the Physics teacher at NSTA. I am also really...your principal is doing and clearly providing support for your own professional development. It looks like this is a g...

                • Tamren Estevez

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                  ...what the program has to offer. It's specifically designed with teachers in mind, and courses can be taken in the sciences for graduate credit or professional development. The program runs online and...

                  • Caroline Phillips

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                    I was very inspired by the example of using manipulatives to teach a very importa...s that make me wish there was more of an open source for lesson plans and professional development like this. I constantly feel...

                    • Kimberly Persaud

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                      ...y lives.  Hence, it is especially useful in aiding teachers and students to go beyond  The possibilities are really endless. If more teachers would have a willingness to receive professional development on newer forms of media (and...

                      • Caitlyn Brehm

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                        ...sed on something that is already out there. In education teachers are constantly wanting the n...ted the next day. I agree with you that a major issue is teachers not being provided support or professional development on how to use all of the new...