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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 6 Work

      Here is the work for Session 6. 0. Watch the Video of Session #5. If you were not able to join us for the virtual session (or you want to review all or part of it), please watch the video recording. Here is a link to the Padlet we shared. 1. Design (and be ready to present) a Learning E...

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      • Mike Tenzer

        Week 6 Assignment

        In my reading of what goes into the process of learning in the STEM-D program, I learned a lot about what it entails. I also have Dr. Evans for another one of my classes that I am taking and I really respect his knowledge along with Dr. Ardito's knowledge as well. Knowing the two professors b...

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        • Allison Bratt

          Week 6

          Prior to reading these articles, I knew that everyone learns differently. I myself am a visual and kinesthetic learner while my brother is a reading/writing learner. When I was in high school, the best math teacher I ever had taught math in different ways. She showed us multiple ways to get to th...

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          • Justin Herrera

            Readings response week 6

            The Stem-D article was a very interesting read. Your knowledge was very in formative Dr. Ardito, the article talks about problem solving skills within children. In my opinion problem solving skills are the most essential when growing up. In life you are going to be in situations that require...

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            • Nicole Hyman

              Week 6 Blog

              The reading regarding the STEM-D research might be the reason why I enjoyed science classes in high school. Watching my teachers apply the material we learned in experiments were always interesting to watch. However, I wonder how I would be able to...The reading regarding the STEM-D research migh...

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              • Nicolette Kara Camacho

                week 6

                    Okay so first I have a story about scratch when I was in middle school. When I was in the seventh grade, we had technology class. We were using scratch as like an introduction to programming. We had a group assignment to tell a story using scratch. So these group of girls in my...

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