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    • Gerald Ardito

      Session 9

      Here is the work for Session 9. So, now we have identified a few ways that we can establish priorities for teaching: 1. Standards Documents (which we have been investigating) 2. Student Experiences  - taking into account what we know about our students 3. Teacher Experiences ...

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      • Brianna Iliceto

        Big Ideas and Essential Questions

        I feel that it is important to come up with some big ideas and then stem from those, essential questions.  Big Ideas:  The basis of what keeps us alive.  The reproduction system and how it works. The water cycle and why that is important.  Essential Questions...

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        • Robert Goldberg

          Big Ideas and Essential Questions

              What is most important?   Big Ideas-Enduring Understandings 1) History is based on facts but also on stories told from one person or groups perspective. 2) Events that happened in the past influenced the present and shaped the world we live in. 3) Do not fo...

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          • Jamie Soldinger

            Big Ideas and Essential Questions

            Big Ideas: It is important to read literature from the past and understand what message the author was trying to convey. Expressing oneself through writing is very important. Writing responses to literature, while also connecting it to yourself. Essential Questions: What ...

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            • Jaclyn Dellisanti

              Big Ideas and Essential Questions

              Big Ideas: 1. History is made up of multiple perspectives rather than just one side. 2. Places are effected by what happens all over the world. 3. History tends to repeat itself. Essential Question: 1. Why does history repeat itself? 2. How does your learning of other nationalit...

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              • Nicholas Neuner

                Big Ideas & Esential questions

                Big Ideas 1. Writing should be reflective of the individuals perspective through experience. 2. Interpeting themes from texts in order to help create a large themed piece of writing. essential questions. 3. Reading should be used in developing analytical thinking Essential Questions 1. Ho...

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                • Taylor Bolger

                  Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                  Based on my prior knowledge of both teaching and history as well as what I now know from the standards and assessment project I believe that the tree big ideas in history are as follows: 1. Being able to address, analyze, and discuss history is critical to understanding the modern world as wel...

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                  • Bianca Stewart

                    Understanding By Design ft BIEQ

                    BIG Ideas: There are many mathematical concepts and processes to solve equation Strategy involves thinking and breaking the calculation into separate, equivalent, and coherent ways Listening to students, recognizing common areas of confusion are essential for mathematics Essential ...

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                    • Olivia Difusco

                      Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                      Big Ideas History could be biased depending on which perspective you are looking at it History does, in fact, repeat itself in one way or another It's important to take note of the good and the bad while learning about history Essential Questions Why is it important to st...

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                      • Duffy Brennan


                        US History Big Ideas: History has dark times but those dark times help us learn Our history reflects our diversity We are able to connect our experiences to history Essential Questions: How is Washington's influence still felt today? How much have we grown since our beginning, ...

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