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  • TCH 215 Spring 2018

    TCH 215 Spring 2018

    Here is the online home for TCH 215 during Spring 2018.
    • Gerald Ardito

      TCH 215 Course Work

      You can think of this page (and its various links) as a living syllabus for our course. Session 1 (1/23/2018) Session 2 (1/25/2018) Session 3 (1/30/2018) Session 4 (2/1/2018) Session 5 (2/6/2018) Sessions 7/8 (2/152018) Session 9/10 (2/22/2018) Session 11 (2/27/20...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Session 2

        Hiya. It was really nice to start to get to know you and work with you this morning. I find myself thinking about travel, political action, sports, and dance (among other things). Here is the work for Session #2 (this Thursday): 1. Pace Commons. Use the directions I sent to log...

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        • Olivia Difusco

          As schools continue to digitize and automate, where do teachers fit in?

          I found this interesting because as a future high school teacher, I often wonder how I will implement technology into my course. Sometimes, I believe the technology will benefit the students that we will be teaching, while at other moments, I think technology may be taking the natural aspect of t...

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          • Olivia Difusco

            Why I Want to Teach

            History class has always been my favorite subject and time of day growing up, but that is definitely not the only reason why I wanted to become a teacher. When I was in 3rd grade, my Dad passed away very suddenly, and if it wasn't for the teachers I had after that I wouldn't have had the ...

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            • Jamie Soldinger

              4 Benefits to Creative Writing To Help Your Children

              I found this article to be very interesting.  As a future English teacher, I plan to implement creative writing on a daily basis in my classroom.  It stimulates the brain and even helps children in different subject areas.  It's also nice to take a step back from reality and wr...

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              • Taylor Bolger

                I Want to Teach Because:

                I believe that there aren't enough passionate nor are there enough compassionate teachers in the American Education system today. I find that too many educators have lost their ability to care about what they teach and they individuals they are teaching. Therefore I want to become a teacher w...

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                • Courtney Pabst

                  The Myth "I'm Bad at Math"

                  I found this article to be extremely interesting. It talks about how there are so many students these days who just assume that they "aren't math people," and give up extremely easily. There has been a shift in the level of effort in middle school and high school students in re...

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                  • Jaclyn Dellisanti

                    Teachers Change Lives

                    This article is one of the main reasons I would like to become a teacher. With goals to become a future educator, I plan to be a teacher that forms relationships with my students. Like my sister, I almost would like to work in an under-privileged school, even though it may be a lot tougher. I wan...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Creating the Course Syllabus

                      Here is where we will create our syllabus. Each group has its own page: Trio (Jamie and friends) Riptide (Robert and friends) Tree-spiration (Brianna and friends)

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