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    • Jaclyn Dellisanti

      Analysis project

      Global History 9th Grade Analysis  Part 1: Standards  1...carried out by the individual student (this is not to say that it c...ernal process is how well the student can defend their argument aga...all of the above information students should be able to determine...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Literacy Case Study

        Literacy Case Study   This assignment asks you to apply...the Literacy Practices of One Student (or Group of Students – i.e. struggling read...he “lens” of this student – trying to make connec...exhibits from your case (i.e. student work, observation notes, inte...

        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 7 Work

          This week, we will be focused on two things: 1. Doing your first Field Observatio...bilities. List/ Describe evidence used to evaluate student learning. Identify formal and informal assessments used to monitor student...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Student Motivation

            As you have already seen, each of the Learning Theories we investigated has a model of who a student...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Unit 4 – Break It to Make It: Learning about maker spaces through robotics ADVANCED

              Welcome! We are going to spend a few  weeks learning how to program robots and then show off what we know i...m your Edison first by learning some of the basics. Then, you and your fellow students...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Week 12 Work

                We are now really in the homestretch. All that remains (assuming you are up to da...n of your Lesson Sequence Plans and all associated student-facing materials. In our n...t class, you will share them with some high school students...

                • Valerie Cherfilus

                  Operant conditioning Theory Sub Group :)

                  Hagopian, L., Ph.D, & Graham, C., M.A. (2009, June 11). Problem Behavior In Autism. Retrieved September 19, 201...he behavior you expect from them. In all of these reinforcement technique the student...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Session 9

                    Here is the work for Session 9. So, now we have identified a few ways that we can...Documents (which we have been investigating) 2. Student Experiences  - taking into account what we know about our students...

                    • Jaclyn Dellisanti

                      Factors Affecting Classroom Enviornment


                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Final Unit Plan plus Changes Memo

                        It's now time to finish our Unit Plans. (As a reminder, here are the necessary components: Complete...andevelopment 2. By mid day Wednesday (4/4/2018). Leave feedback for EVERY student....