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    • Roberto Molina

      Youth Culture Paper

      Here you go everyone... I attached the word file, and I am also put...nging, ultra-diverse group of students.  In order to meet thos...cher be familiar with his/her students beyond their test scores.&nb...etc.  For the most part, students have “bought into&rdqu...

      • Antonia Bueti

        Antonia Bueti - Final Youth Culture.docx

        In or Out? Abstract What causes a middle school child to sudd...s only fourth and fifth grade students. My focus is the interaction...w with and learn from. “Students struggle to understand who their place” (37). A student’s affiliation with a sp...

        • Tee Williams

          Chapter 1 - Manovich Response to Chapter 1 Reading

          Kay conceived of “personal dynamic media” as a fundamen...ntly using computers to store student’s data and other import...g important information about student with special needs or may hav...Science can be introduced to students by using these different tec...

          • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

            WrappingItUp-School Proposal

            Sharjana Rohman-Hashem ED 631 Wrapping It Up-Proposal to Theories Engagement Student Development While readin...designing instruction. If the students realize their work means som...of school getting to know our student’s strengths and weaknes...

            • IrisTamayo

              Tamayo - Inquiry Results Report 2017-2018

              Title of Inquiry:   Improving Student Outcomes: A study on how Culturally Relevant Pedagogy influences student outcomes Teacher Inquiry Q...levant learning activities motivate students to engage in learning activi...s student performance affected when students...

              • Aaron Silverman

                “Measuring Student Growth ‘One-Pager’ At A Time…” Final Report (2016-2017)

                Presenter:     Aaron H. Silverman      & Title of Inquiry:  “Measuring Student Growth ‘One-Pager&rsquo...;” Teacher Inquiry Question(s): “If students...

                • Mary Musolino

                  Final Inquiry Report Mary Musolino

                  This is the final inquiry report for the project titled Empowering Students to do Meaningful, Long-Term I looked at the role of project genesis (student-generated versus teacher-gene...nd student reflection in determining whether students...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    The Challenges of Defining and Measuring Student Engagement in Science

                    This is a very recent study looking at engagement in middle school science students.

                    • Hilary Johnson

                      Seeing Red: Hi- and low-tech methods for giving better feedback to student writing

                      Dr. Tom Lynch from Pace's School of Education created these slides to accompany his Network Day presentation which was cancelled due to weather.

                      • Golanda Prince-Trim

                        Lesson Plan Sequence

                        My lesson plan sequence is on the math topic of  polynomials. It is consists of 3 lessons. The lesson student will identify and home the di...ials possible. For the second lesson students will be able to evaluate, ad...degrees of the terms left to right. Students...