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    • Jazmine Santiago

      Comment on "Student Motivation", one goal may dominate the student's motivations. The goals...resonated with me is the set-efficacy theory. To me this theory is...1977, 1986, 1997). Self-efficacy reflects confidence in t...tivation and resilience in my students. I believe if a teacher wants...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Student Motivation Chunk 1"

        Norkelis, Thanks for such a thoughtful response. This particularly struck me:...I agree with you if we can replace "confidence" with "self efficacy." What do you think?...

        • David Evans

          Comment on "Reflections on Motivation,"

          ...n my mind) a high functioning student whose belief in his or her ab...hen this happens, because the student is more than likely of confidence and self-efficacy on display.  In that en...uneven and particular to each student.  This latter case is not...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Comment on "Reflections on Motivation,"

            ...negative aspect of this is obvious: too much hubris and belief that a student can multitask with both acade...mic task.  I have done a lot of reading and research into self-efficacy, but I hadn't yet seen th...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Comment on "Andrew Rohan's Week 7 response"

              Andrew, Once of the things I appreciated about your response was the connections you were making between what is possible in terms of digital resources and what is needed in terms of current student levels of reading and self-efficacy.

              • Gerald Ardito

                Comment on "Papert Reading Response"

                Lindsey, You have made some really interesting connections between Papert's no...igates things that shape a teacher's ability to teach powerfully and self-efficacy is definitely one of them....

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Comment on "Adacia Teemal Acrion Plan"

                  ...als, which I believe to be an important step. 2. You have made your students' experience a focus of y...a very positive attitude, which is important (research on teacher self-efficacy tells us so). 4. WORK NEED...

                  • Theresa Connelly

                    Comment on "ED 524 Reading Response, Week #1"

                    I think this is a very interesting question because it is something...attention, as I have had many student teachers in my classroom.&nbs...I want to make sure that the student teachers in my room have the...o teach teachers because each student teacher comes in with a diffe...

                    • Olivia Difusco

                      Comment on "Group Taylor, Nick, Olivia, Robert"

                      Robert, Nick, Taylor and I discussed our list in a text messaging g...listen to what each of their students when they have patient is when a group of students or student aren't quite...t they are teaching, to their students. In addition to sharing the...

                      • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

                        Comment on "Oh to be a teacher that teaches..."

                        My job is essentially to make 4 different versions of worksheets and materials for my students to use everyday? Where is th...)  took the phrase "student-centered" and developed...h principals and admins "student centered" actually means...gely ill-conceived notions of student...