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    • Gerald Ardito

      Active learning strategies and academic self-efficacy relate to both attentional control and attitudes towards plagiarism

      This very recent research examines plagiarism as a function of motivation (via Self Determination Theory) and self efficacy.

      • Christine Clayton

        Hi and low-tech methods for giving better feedback to student writing

         Dr. Tom Lynch from Pace's School of Education has created this video that repr...and low-tech methods for giving better feedback to student writing In this workshop,...ll explore ways to reimagine providing feedback to student...

        • Jake Rapoport

          Robotics Article Analysis

            In my limited work thus far in the field of teaching, I’ve come to getting students interested and engaged is most of the battle. Getting a student to not only be interested seem “cool” to students at first, but I can imagine...could win a one-on-one fight. Student...

          • Rebecca Capsuto

            Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison of Two Case Studies

                     For this weeks bookmark post I ch...both case studies the set of students were each taught ROILA, an a...) used the iCat robot with 24 students’ ages 10-12 years old...m of their science class, for students ages 12-14. The students wer...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Quiz Banker

              Quiz Banker creates student-ready editable quiz and answer documents based on an ite...critical tasks, such as identifying and analyzing student learning needs and planning r...he add-on now and see how it can help prepare your students...

              • Sara Herbrand

                Academic, Tech Staff Team for Rochester's 1 - to - 1 Rollout

                Being from Rochester, this article really stood out to me as I was reading...e to all of a sudden just give every student, K - 12 a device. What high schools will be added. Those students will be able to take the with and about them prior to the students...

                • Melissa Meireles

                  Unlocking the Code for Robotics in the Classroom

                  This article begins with quoting President Obama in his last State...e addresses the importance of students learning how to write comput...has many benefits as it allow students to become active in their le...e next step as it "moves students away from the solitary inter...

                  • Tee Williams

                    Robot Teachers in the Classroom

                    I had to put this up because if we have robots teaching the classroom then there would b...g it. These robots in Korea are used to teach students with disabilities, which is...but soon the robots will be for general education student...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      What Kids Can Do

                      This is the site that Christine shared which features resources about student inquiry and research.

                      • Vicente Viteri


                        Hey, the following are links to google docs with a bunch of resources for teachers that I got from attending an eve...Learning Centers/Station Rotation   Student...