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    • Nicole Stevens

      Comment on "Finalized Action Plan"

      My REVISED action plan breadcrumbs are as follows: Week 1: Intro to EDU 631 Week 2: Finalize action Plan...Week 7-9: Designing a Learning Environment – Chapters 7-9 Week 10: Spri...


      • Susan Granata

        Granata - Unit 1 Response

        a. How have Papert and Kay shaped the world o...n various projects.” (Wikipedia, 2019) One of those projects was th...and children around the world. (OLPC, 2019) Judging by the success of th...odology. References: Alan Kay. (2019, January 04). Retrieved Febru...

        • Jacqueline Coughlin

          Alan Kay, Lev Manovich, & Screenshot of Turtle Blocks

          Throughout the introduction to Alan Kay’s Universal Media Machines, Lev Manovich reveals Kay’s technological advancements and concept of the remediation ma...

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          • Tara Thornton

            Groundhog Day 2019

            I found this article to be interesting because it is currently relevant as the groundhog of Staten Island saw his shadow, meaning spring will be here soon! I also particularly relate to the article because I work at the very place that this happened! 

            • Rachel Scarano

              Global Warming & Weather Predictions

              This article talks about the winter 2019 weather predictions. It's interesting to see how global warming shapes the the winter weather for the upcoming season.

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              • Gerald Ardito

                Welcome to CS for Teachers

                    Course Description This course introduces teachers from across content-areas to core concepts and skills from computer science via a current and...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Week 8

                  Since this is the week of Pace's Spring break, there is no work for this week. Enjoy the break!

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                  • Gerald Ardito

                    The Computers of Tomorrow (from May 1964)

                    From the article: Some conservatives have been predicting a deceleration of computer growth for at least five years now. Is there a plateau just over the horizon? Not if a recent turn in computer research is as significant as many of us believe it to be. General economic and political con...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      My Computer Likes Me When I Speak in BASIC

                      A landmark (and little known) book about computer programming and people. "This book is about people, computers and a programming language called BASIC. We will communicate with a computer, in the BASIC language, about population problems."

                      Tags: cs4teachers, spring 2019, cshistory, BASIC

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