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    • Susan Granata

      Granata - Unit 1 Response

      a. How have Papert and Kay shaped the world o...n various projects.” (Wikipedia, 2019) One of those projects was th...and children around the world. (OLPC, 2019) Judging by the success of th...odology. References: Alan Kay. (2019, January 04). Retrieved Febru...

      • Jacqueline Coughlin

        Alan Kay, Lev Manovich, & Screenshot of Turtle Blocks

        Throughout the introduction to Alan Kay’s Universal Media Machines, Lev Manovich reveals Kay’s technological advancements and concept of the remediation ma...

        • Caitlyn Brehm

          Final Reflection

          Over the course of the semester, it has been made apparent to me that technology can enhance surface for my robot to dance on, which led me to use a box spring as a stage for my robot. When I started using the box spri...

          • Jonathan Lustberg

            Week 12 Breadcrumbs

            Reading Chapter 12 was interesting, but also disheartening because I found myself fall...sons. For now, I will finish out the year and look forward to the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

            • carolyn marenghi

              Week 1 Blog Post

              After reading the provided materials, watching the video and playing around with Logo,...both mechanically, or classically, as well as romantically. As a teacher in 2019, I think a popular educationa...

              • Nicole Hyman

                Week 6 Blog

                The reading regarding the STEM-D research might be the reason why I enjoyed science cl...ade sense but if it does not I linked the article below.

                • Susan Granata

                  Code is Poetry - Week 4 learning Log Granata

                  March 8, 2019 Begin logging your procedure by restating what topics you covered I continued with the processing tutorials - initiating For Loops and practicing with fun...

                  • Skyler Metviner

                    Reading Response Unit 3 Visualizing Data

                    Literacy is a term that actually scares a lot of people, especially if they were not a fan of their English classes. Despite the heavy emphasis on reading and writ...

                    • Susan Granata

                      Processing - Unit 2 Granata

                       Below is the code for my little game in Processing. I was going to make a maze g...quot;   Flower Game “Parched” Susan Granata March, 2019   Catcher catcher;...

                      • Leanne Benson


                        HELLO ALL! Happy New Year :) My name is Leanne and I am currently a full time math and physics teacher at Salesian H...ducation 7-12 as well.  I joined this program at Pace one year ago so this Spri...