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    • Jonathan Lustberg

      Week 12 Breadcrumbs

      Reading Chapter 12 was interesting, but also disheartening because I found myself fall...sons. For now, I will finish out the year and look forward to the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

      • Caitlyn Brehm

        Final Reflection

        Over the course of the semester, it has been made apparent to me that technology can enhance surface for my robot to dance on, which led me to use a box spring as a stage for my robot. When I started using the box spri...

        • Leanne Benson


          HELLO ALL! Happy New Year :) My name is Leanne and I am currently a full time math and physics teacher at Salesian H...ducation 7-12 as well.  I joined this program at Pace one year ago so this Spri...

          • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

            Schelpat Unit Plan: Astronomy

            Unit Plan   Your Name: Schelpat Unit...p;             Spri...

            • Clarissa Martinez

              Unit Plan Draft

              Unit Plan Your Name Clarissa Mar...ecifying its traits. For off- spring to resemble their parents, th...s its function. 2.1j Offspring resemble their parents becaus...p;     Offspring     ...heritable traits to their offspri...

              • Miyosha Steele

                Spring semester

                Hey guys which session are y'all signing up for so we can all be in the same class again? 

                • Howie Wong

                  First Draft is always the most blunt

                    Hello everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m Howie Wong and I teach Chemistry at Edward R...ackground first to see everything that was already researched. New ideas always spri...

                  • Marshal Burns

                    Put this plan into action

                    My updated action plan for ED631: Educational Psychology Spring 2017. Following suit of some of my classmates I decided to use the SMART Goal setting model. To make sure I cover...

                    • Marshal Burns

                      Puberty & awkwardness (ch 4: Why development matters)

                      Hello Everyone. I’m happy to say that I have gone through and completed my first q...’ve made it through these hurdles and we have spring break is to get caught up on...e that one day scientists will find a way for an offspri...

                      • Lisa Berlinger

                        Week 9 breadcrumbs

                        This week I read chapter 3 on student development. Many of these topics and theories were review from ED 630. The ch...ey like. I know this post is short, but I’m so burnt out and ready for spri...