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  • Computer Science for Teachers

    Computer Science for Teachers

    This group is to support the Spring 2016 section of EDU 696M Computer Science for Teachers.
    • Gerald Ardito

      Computer Science for Teachers

      Here is a wiki (collection of pages) where you can find the work of the course.  Please follow the links below Welcome to the Course Week 1 (January 28 - February 3) Week 2 (February 4 - February 10) Week 3 (February 11 - February 17) Week 4 (February 18 - February 24) ...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Etoys Adventures

        A collection of explorations with Etoys.

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 14

          We have been hard at work all semester and now it's time to finish up whatever remains, gather our best work together, and reflect on what we have learned and what we are now thinking about teaching computer science in schools. 1. Finish up. Be sure to finish up all of your work for ...

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