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    • Melissa Meireles

      Computer Science Courses Still a Rarity in California

      ...ted to the amount of computer science courses offered in California...le Landscape of K-12 Computer Science Education in the US: etc. Also, curriculum standards have focused attention on c...le Landscape of K-12 Computer Science Education in the US: Perception...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Rubrics for Examining Deeper Learning in Middle School Science Classrooms

        ...tool was developed for the Challenge Based Science Learning project funded by th...enge Based Learning and the Next Generation Science Standards ( to study deeper learning in middle school science and engineering classrooms.

        • Gerald Ardito

          New York State Science Standards

          Here are the New York State Science Standards for grades P-12.

          • Tamren Estevez

            Teaching Computer Science Better to Get Better Results

            Really interesting blog post that makes some important arguments about the...e when it comes to teaching computer science to young students. It seems c...en teaching programming and computer science, but the author notes we shou...l have the ability to learn computer science i...

            • Leanne Benson

              Week 10 Article

              ...integrates the use of robotics in a math and science classroom.  Being a math...the robot that are aligned to the common core standards.  I thought it would b...for you all to see how robotics and computer science do align with common core so if...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Quiz Banker

                ...t and filter questions based on Common Core domain, cluster, and standards. Each question is also alig...bra I, Algebra II,and Geometry) and two New York State secondary science courses (Earth Science and Living Environment). Check...

                • Tamren Estevez

                  Running on Empty

                  Computer science is not widely taught, even though programming may be one of the most im...ery found that very few states offer K-12 computer science education at all. Just nine s...count towards graduation requirements for math or science....

                  • Rebecca Capsuto

                    Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison of Two Case Studies

                             For this weeks bookmark post I chose the article Robot...LL was incorporated into their curriculum of their science class, for students ages 12-1...ational factors in using games to teacher computer science....

                    • Giuseppe Marchica

                      Cross Cutting Literacy into Different Subject Areas

                      2) This is an inspiring video that discusses how Eminem has established himself in hip-h...yming, and English class (it can just as easily be science, math, or social studies)....can. He mentions you have to figure out the “SCIENCE&r...

                      • Kesiah Mathew

                        Moving Beyond Computer Literacy: Why Schools Should Teach Computer Science

                        This reading addresses why computer science is necessary for students to learn in school especially because of the vital...s, and contact information for experienced mentors in incorporating computer science e...