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    • Melissa Meireles

      Unlocking the Code for Robotics in the Classroom

      ...o solve problems. This article states that robotics is the next step as it "...tion. This relates to the article Edutainment Robotics as Learning tool as we saw th...on are critical skills needed by students and robotics allows them to build these sk...

      • Sara Herbrand

        Week 10 - Bookmark

        ...p:// I found this week was about robotics in the elementary setting. & we going to start integrating robotics and coding and computer  She isn't teaching robotics as if it is a whole new topic...

        • Caitlyn Brehm

          Robotics teaches real-world job skills

          This article talks about how exposing robotics in classrooms develop students&#...els are being exposed to different aspects of robotics and developing skill sets tha...sining that teaches 3rd and 4th graders about robotics. ‚Äč

          • Ashley Fernandez

            What Robotics Can Teach Kids

            ...9;t always understand and see the impact that robotics can have on their students. T...r bored during lessons but through the use of robotics students become more interest...need more than reading and writing to learn. Robotics supports multiple subjects an...

            • Jake Rapoport

              Robotics Article Analysis

     that can be learned just from putting in the work. In the fields of robotics and coding for those robots,...d in this subject area. While it clearly is more advanced than a basic robotics or coding class, I can’...

              • kmarcason

                How Robots Could Improve Social Skills in Kids with Autism

                ...  The University of Delaware “are investigating whether robotics can help autistic children ha...e and can become overwhelmed or confused by them. Computer science and robotics can help children with autism...

                • Leanne Benson

                  Week 10 Article

                  This article was interesting because it integrates the use of robotics in a math and science classroom.  ...ore standards.  I thought it would be cool for you all to see how robotics and computer science do align...

                  • Christopher Sarcone

                    A view on Robotics in classroom from across the pond

                    Though steps towards isolationism have been trumpeted as of late, it seems that a push in the direction of more robotics, could in-fact, make our world a great deal open.

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      A System for Programming robots for small children

                      Really interesting study on teaching robotics to small children.

                      • Kesiah Mathew

                        Teaching engineering with computer science

                        ...x. I found some great resources to incorporate into my conceptual physics class, mainly because it is inquiry based. There are also resources for robotics and other engineering/mathema...