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    • Kesiah Mathew

      Teaching engineering with computer science

      ...from ages 8-18. Teachers can select an age category and a subject for resources they are looking for. I'v...based and allow students to think outside the box. I found some great resources to incorporate into my concep...

      • Kimberly Persaud

        Coding in the Classroom: 6 Tips to Get Even Reluctant Teachers and Students Started

        ...core content.  Others would also say that there are just so many resources that they feel overwhelmed an...teachers will be using technology in meaningful ways. There are also resources such as block-based coding la...

        • Kesiah Mathew

          Moving Beyond Computer Literacy: Why Schools Should Teach Computer Science

          .... Most job opportunities and careers involve experience in technology as well. This website also gives educators resources for talking with curriculum design makers, curriculum resources, and contact information for...

          • Rebecca Capsuto

            Steps to becoming a coding teacher.

            ...Not only is this article comprehensive, in addition it provides resources to help the teacher. For exam...or coding and how to assess students in this area. The list of coding resources broken down by grade level co...

            • Vicente Viteri


              Hey, the following are links to google docs with a bunch of resources for teachers that I got from attending an event for teachers.   Executive Functioning

              • Caroline Phillips

                Science Resources

                Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon this. There seen to be a lot of really good resources here!

                • Caroline Phillips

                  Life Science/Biology Resources

                  Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon this. There seen to be a lot of really good resources here!

                  • Melissa Meireles

                    Computer Science Courses Still a Rarity in California

                    ...arrier in the article Landscape of K-12 Computer Science Education in the US: Perceptions, Access, and Barriers as schools prioritize and direct resources towards preparing state tests...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      What Kids Can Do

                      This is the site that Christine shared which features resources about student inquiry and research.

                      • Caroline Phillips

                        Energy Flow - Materials

                        I'm currently planning my lesson about food chains/webs and energy flow through an ecosystem. I found two great resources that I think could be of some use. The teaching channel...