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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Mashfiq Ahmed's EDG-605 Week 2 Reading Response"

      Mashfiq, I found your reading response to be very revealing about your ide...s is a ‘consequence’ of performance” (Hattie & Timperle...dback, students must know what good performance is, how their current perform...not inspired by or measured by your perfo...

      • Christina Katechis

        Comment on "Genetics Unit Plan #1"

        ...ur BIEQ for your unit are a great way to start off. Your performance tasks prepare students for what they are...for them) -The way you and students will assess their performance is great. -Your performance tasks can really help you know if s...

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        • Sam Miake-Lye

          Week 10 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 12)

          ...much as possible. When I design performance tasks, I try to have at least 3 options s...ome sense of ownership over the performance task. I also try to them on the back side of the performance task when it is assigne...k for next year by keeping some tasks from this year. I wrestle wit...

          • Nicole Hamilton

            Motivation Chunk 1

            ...ery - Student masters subject Performance Goals - extrinsic motivation,...eacher or parent recognition. Performance / Failure avoidance goals- mo...students more willing to choose tasks where they feel confident in...Prior experiences of mastering tasks Help students by buil...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              McTighe on Performance Task

              A resource on designing performance tasks.

              • Gerald Ardito

                Quiz Banker

                Quiz Banker creates student-ready editable quiz and answer documents based on an item...k of items in Google Docs, Quiz Banker allows teachers more time for critical tasks, such as identifying and anal...



                • Gerald Ardito

                  Unit Planning Work

                  ...orporated the feedback you received. Phase 3: Create Possible Performance Tasks The third step of the process is to design at least 3 possible Performance Tasks that will allow you to determ...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Week 10 and 11 Work - Unit Planning

                    ...planning calendar by Wednesday, April 10th.  3. Performance Tasks. Now you are ready to start planning the Performance Task(s) for your unit....Read in Understanding by Design about Performance Tasks (chapters 4 and 7) Review J...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Grade 1 - Jackie and Angelica

                      ...There is sound in the quietest of places  There is light in the darkest of places  Imagine a world without Wi-Fi  Performance Tasks for Unit: You are in th...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Grade 2 - Kayla A, Kayla R, Rachel

                        ...Too much water and wind has damaging effects on the Earth. Natural disasters shape the Earth through erosion and damage. Performance Tasks for Unit: 1) Imagine a hur...

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                        • Ashley Carpenter

                          Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans

                               An area I would like to continue to grow in that I...checkpoints, within the performance-based assessment to ensure st...     Using performance-based assessments allow stude...)  Some limitations of a performance-based assessment is a student...

                          • Jing Zhu

                            Reply on topic: Course Introductions and Assessment Assessment

                            Dear classmates and Dr. Ardito,   My name is Jing Zhu. I am a firs.... Besides, based on students’ performance on these assessments, paper based worksheet. It can be performance task. It can be video assignm...d the plan based on students’ perfo...

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                            • Gerald Ardito

                              Performance Task Work

                              Performance Task Design Work You and your partners are going to come up with 3 possible performance tasks for the 7th grade science unit we discussed in class. For each, you are doing to do the following: 1. Requirements. Specify the requirements necessary for each performance task. 2...

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                              • Gerald Ardito

                                McTighe on Performance Task

                                A resource on designing performance tasks.

                                Tags: curriculum planning, unitplanning, lessonplanning, performance tasks

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