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    • Gerald Ardito

      Seymour Papert Video on Teaching

      This video has Papert talking about his ideas about teaching with and through computer programming.

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Seymour Papert, Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas

        Papert's entire book Mindstorms is available at this link as a pdf.

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Climbing to Understanding: Lessons from an Experimental Learning Environment for Adjudicated Youth

          This  is a really interesting research paper on work done by Papert and colleagues Gary Stager and David Cavallo which reports on Papert's ideas being put to work in a unique and challenging educational setting.

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          • Gerald Ardito

            Week 3 - Seymour Papert

            This week, our focus turns to Seymour Papert, one of the seminal thinkers and practitioners in the area of computer science in education. One of the things that made his unique was his insistence that working with computers was all about literacy and not discrete skills. Papert was a colleagu...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Loving your work!

              I just had the chance to look at and respond to your work over the last few days, and I was really blown away by how much your brought to your work (especially your responses to Papert) and your conversations with one another. There were definitely some common themes in the discussions. Th...

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