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    • Ronald Freyer

      Response to Feedback

      I was happy to read the feedback from Alana and Adam. I plan to rephrase my thesis statement and conclusion. I am also planning on going back and adding more ties to our textbook and adding some direct quotes from the players. The feedback was a great way to tweak to the paper before submission.

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      • Ronald Freyer

        Youth Cultures

                              Youth Cultures   Pace University   Ronald Freyer                       &nb...

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        • Ronald Freyer

          This I believe

                          This I Believe Ronald Freyer Pace University                                 &nb...

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          • Ronald Freyer

            Reading Response 3

            In this week’s readings, we learned about integrated curriculum and meaningful instruction. Right away Brown and Knowles (2014) discusses how Scott Clark’s student’s stated that a problem of prejudice needed to be solved by teaching elementary students about the problem; so the ...

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            • Ronald Freyer

              Independent Project

                Identify: The United States public education system needs an overhaul. While reformers and Teacher’s unions continue the battle, that began in the 1960s I have to ask if there is an outside model we can turn to? Is there a model outside of education that we can turn to? The edu...

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              Pace Innovative Teaching Workshop

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              • Gerald Ardito


                Hello everyone, It has been great working with you this week. I am glad to be able to share Pace Commons with you. Please ask questions.leave comments or feedback, or suggestions to this presentation by leaving a comment below.

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