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    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

      Comment on "Introduction"

      Nancy, how do you like the Masters in Educational Technology program here at Pace University? I am currently an undergrad completing my Bachelor's in Childhood Education, and am debat...

      • Anastasia  Glouchtenko

        Comment on "3 Questions"

        Answers: - The cellular biology of the brain can help us to further underst...(4), 395-402. doi:10.1016/S0006-3223(98)00331-X American Friends of Tel Aviv University. (2013, December 30). Toward...

        • David Evans

          Comment on "Addicted to learning or addicted to grades?"

          Agreed, the educational system is definitely moving toward more cooperative learning.  I was talking to a 24 year old medical student at Boston University yesterday, and she expressed...

          • Christopher Sarcone

            Comment on "Manovich: Alan Kay's Universal Media Machine"

            Johnny, In your write-up, you stated "[t]he one example that always sticks out...[were] just regular whiteboards." I had to use my personal computer just to keep pace. &nbs...

            • Jazmine Santiago

              Comment on "Learning Theories Project"

              this project seems very interesting because we are being allowed to explore these theo.... You might, for example, choose to write a post on Pace Commons that demonstrates you...creative and bold. This work is due to be posted on Pace Commo...

              • Kendall Stevenson

                Comment on "Unit 2 – Code is Poetry: An introduction to programming languages and logic"

       this is a web page that I created may five years ago using eclipse. this is a video that shows how to create games using eclipse. Like twine it is an open-source program.

                • Ty Robson

                  Comment on "Hello all!"

                  Hey Melissa.  Interesting introduction.  First off, I'm a big eastern Europe fan.  I studied a... Interestingly, my longtime and current roommate was a student athlete at Pace... he...

                  • Tamren Estevez

                    Comment on "Hey, Everybody!"

                    Hi Ty,   Nice to see we're in another class together. I can definitely align with you on the onlin...tion. I have a huge dislike for the blackboard learning management system that Pace utili...

                    • Tamren Estevez

                      Comment on "Introduction"

                      Hello Dr. Ardito, Thank you and will do! Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm really interested to learn more about the actual execution of this course within Pace Commo...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Comment on "Introduction"

                        Tamren, I appreciate your comments about Pace Commons. I am really interested in investigating the kinds of learning and learning communities that get built here, as opposed to those in Blackboard.