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    • Marshal Burns

      Put this plan into action

      ...Timely: Weekly checkups on Pace Commons, where I will leave breadc...(Update) & Breadcrumb on Pace Commons   March 2nd--...ate) & Breadcrumb on Pace Commons   March 16th-->...(Update) & Breadcrumb on Pace Commons   April 6th--...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Welcome to Pace Commons, Dear Inquirers

        Pace Inquiry Collaborative Folks --  Welcome to Pace Commons. Pace Commons is a social learning platform des...rogram. We have set up a group on Pace Commons for us to  to connect wi...Here's how to get started with Pace Commons: 1. Login to Pace Commons....

        • Gerald Ardito

          Welcome to Inventing and Making in the Classroom, January 2016

          ...up to. 2. Start getting familiar with Pace Commons. I have created these shor...ich talk about how to get yourself set up in Pace Commons. Setting up a profile on P...e a lot of fun, hard work. See you in the Commons!

          • Gerald Ardito

            Final Inquiry Project Reports 2016-2017

            ...below. Note that you must be logged in to Pace Commons in order to do so. Ther...You can also upload the document directly to Pace Commons. Just follow these directions...y questions contact Gerald Ardito at  

            • Gerald Ardito

              Submitting your Final Inquiry Report

              ...below. Note that you must be logged in to Pace Commons in order to do so. Ther...You can also upload the document directly to Pace Commons. Click on "Upload a File...t; You will then be presented with a page on Pace Commons that has its own url and...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Welcome to the new Pace Commons

                After our first few months of working with Pace Commons, it was time for an upgrade. Our old hosting service was just too slow, so we have moved to a dedicated Elgg hosting service. Man, are we flying now. Please feel free to share your impressions of the (new and improved) Pace Commons.

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Welcome to ED 644 on Pace Commons

                  This will be our online home for this course. I look forward to working with all of you this semester. I decided Pace Commons to be a place to support social learning, as opposed...

                  • Xin Jiang

                    Action Plan. XJ

                    ...sp; Accountability partner I am putting all my work onto Pace Commons and the blogs and fellow c...f my work time and brainstorm to lesson plan and research. I believe Pace Commons will be a very helpful resour...

                    • Danielle Scally

                      Hi All!

                      Hey everyone! My name is Danielle and I am new to this whole Pace Commons thing, but it seems pretty cool.&...d year teaching fellow who is taking this class as part of my track at Pace.   I teach high school...

                      • Jenelle Dyer

                        Pace Commons the beginning

                        This was quite an interesting study. One major question I have about this is concerning its implications on...g be measured? I do appreciate the time and ability to work at a more suitable pace wh...