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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 7 Work

      Here is the work for Session 7. There are two branches, depending on whether you have already presented your Learning Experiences yet or not. Branch 1. I have not yet presented my learning experience. You will be presenting your Learning Experiences at our next session. Here are th...

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      • Mike Tenzer

        Learning Activity

        This was really my first experience ever that entailed me to create my own learning lesson and present it to the class. I worked vigorously in my organization process so that I could deliver an effective learning experience. My lesson was on polynomial equations, more specifically, factor by grou...

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        • Holly Parisi

          learning experience

          The process of designing my learning experience I found difficult. I spent so much time trying to figure out an idea that I can show in 3-5 minutes. I feel like in biology you can spend a really long time trying to explain one idea. My original lesson was to do genetics, but I found it hard to fi...

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          • Justin Herrera

            Learning experience

            I presented my learning experience and i feel that it went really well. My experience was on the the causes of the first world war mainly about the alliance system. I attempted to separate the class in 3 groups but since we had 4 i had to improvise. The 4rth group was not part of the plan so i ha...

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            • Nicolette Kara Camacho

              Learning Experience

              I honestly did not know where to tart when it came to designing a learning experience. When I was in high school I don’t remember doing any activity that was particularly engaging when it came to math. I think when we were younger there was more of a push for hands on activities. Then all o...

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              • Gerald Ardito

                Week 8 Work

                Here is the work for Week 8. 1. Learning Experience Reflections. If you have not yet presented my learning experience. You will be presenting your Learning Experiences at our next session. Here are the guidelines for this work. 2. Immerse Yourself in Content Area Standards. You wil...

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                • Gabriella Dippolito

                  My Learning Experience

                  At first, my learning experience was a challenge. I was super confused on what to do, and I had to think back and use my creative abilities to come up with a lesson. I had the chance to get to get another week to do my learning experience so I did get the chance to change it a little bit. I added...

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                  • Caroline Migliaro

                    My Learning Experience

                    I personally think that my experience completing this assignment was pretty good. As some of you know I initially thought that we could not google anything for this assignment. That being said, I had time to add extra information that I didn't have at first. I think the extra time for this as...

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