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    • Rachel DeMayo

      ED 631- Putting It All Together Portfolio

      ...t development theories, student motivations, and the establishment of ef...f Erikson and Maslov's motivational development theory are contribute or hinder student motivation in school.  I spent the...ating and understanding student motivation and how to best enhance this&...

      • Gerald Ardito

        EDG 606 Fall 2017 - Course Work

        ...2 Week 4 (October 5) - Learning Theories Project, Phases 3-4 Week 5 (October 12) Week 6 (October 26) Student Motivation, Chunk 1 Week 7 (November 2) Student Motivation, Chunk 2 Week 8 (November...

        • Gerald Ardito

          Resources for ED 631

          ..., Chapter 9 Sinatra research: Engagement in the Science Classroom Motivation Seifert, Chapter 6 Seifert, Chapter 7 One highly well investigated theory of motivation called Self-Determination The...

          • Gerald Ardito

            ED 631 - Putting it All Together

            We are about 3 weeks away from the end of this course. That was fast! Now that you have been engaged with engagement, motivation, adolescent development, and learning theories, i...