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    • Jacqueline Wyman

      Reply on topic: Week 1 discussions

      ...t to learn or even think they are unable to learn.  We are in agreement that a successful teacher definitely has to provide inspiration and motivation to students!  

      • Cindy Raoul

        Week 4: Adolescent literacy

        ...know that text complexity is more broadly defined to include readability formulas as well as structure, organization, background knowledge, and motivation. I found this to mean that we...

        • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

          Week 7 Literacy

          ...also others) engages good learning principles such as creating and honoring preparation for future learning, building in real choices, creating motivation for extended engagement, bani...

          • Cindy Raoul

            C.Raoul Week 11

   was coming from as I didn’t have or was exposed to those same life experiences and these books never really had any thought proving motivation for as I couldn’t relat...