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    • Gerald Ardito

      Adolescent Lesson Plan Template

      Please use this template for your lesson plans if you are NOT a Literacy Program person.

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Literacy Lesson Plan Template

        Use this template if you are a Literacy Program person.

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Unit and Lesson Planning Work

          We are now going to do an entire cycle of planning. First, you will create a unit plan. Then, you will create a sequence of 3-5 lessons in a sequence from that unit plan.  Lastly, you will teach about 20 minutes from one of those lessons. We are going to do this work in chunk...

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          • Gerald Ardito

            Lesson Plan Template ED 644

            Here is the Lesson Plan template we will be using.

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Adolescent Program Lesson Plan Template

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              • Jaclyn Dellisanti

                adolescent program lesson plan template.doc

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Create a Lesson Plan

                  Your mission is to create a lesson plan. It can be for any grade level (1-6) and should be a science lesson.  It does not have to be a part of the unit you created. It does need to address these four questions: What am I teaching? Who am I teaching? How will I teach it? Ho...

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                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Week 13 Work

                    Here is the work for Week 13. 1. Lesson Plan. You are going to finalize your Lesson Plans. Continue to build them in your Google Doc. I have found the best way to do this is to work, then step away, then revise, then step away, etc. You will have a final version by class next week...

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