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    • Gerald Ardito

      Gerald Ardito

      About me: ...EM-D Education at Pace University's School of Education. His research interests include the development of self-directed, technology-enhanced learning environments.Skills: learning

      • Gerald Ardito - Student

        Gerald Ardito - Student

        Interests: learning

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        • Ann Lynch

          Comment on "Lesson Plan"

          ...dard(s) are most relevant to the learning goals?  ...ional journals that support your learning approach.    ...p;   Learning Goals/ Objectives for This changes would improve student learning?  Use research and theor...

          • Joyce Kong

            Comment on "Final Inquiry Project Reports 2016-2017"

            ...dents with the research process by using experiential learning: an...sp;

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            • Nicole Bailey

              Life Long Learner

              ...ment of the major theories of learning. My new knowledge about learn...w each has been applied to my learning experiences in the past and e...o;one person can have several learning styles relative to specific c...of constructivism and social learning as very illuminating. Althoug...

              • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

                Designing a Learning Environment

                ...a sense of control over their learning by choosing the area and seat...t best suits their individual learning needs. Although I’m...of learners that make up your learning environment. Others may lesson. The cooperative learning will ensure a mix of individu...

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                • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

                  WrappingItUp-School Proposal

                  ...differences in approaches to learning and performance, including different learning styles, and ways students dem...tter understand the different learning styles we are dealing with redesigning the classroom learning environment relating to what...

                  • Tee Williams

                    Learning Log - Code is Beautiful

                    ...rn What I am learning while coding in Python is eve...d the technology world and by learning how to write codes it just em...Some topics I covered learning HTML were basic terminology,...u understand it. I feel after learning the basics, JAVA can be easy...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Course Readings

                      ...Education, 25(2), 199-237. Learning Environments Ardito, G., Eva..., & Fraser, B. J. (2007). Learning environment, attitudes and co..., MA. Social/Collaborative Learning Ardito, G., Mosley, P., &...orting student self-regulated learning in problem-and project-based...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Literacy Case Study

                        ...t asks you to apply what you are learning about the multiple frameworks...etc.) to understand the literacy learning that goes on in your content...d to society? 3) How is learning to enable powerful literacy l...s and analyzes academic literacy learning (25) NCTE 3.2, 3.3...

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                        • Gerald Ardito

                          Curriculum Standards Documents

                          ...10) (current) P-12 Learning Standards for English Languag...ew York State Next Generation Learning Standards for English Languag...e Next Generation Grades 6-12 Learning Standards for Literacy​...e Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards Revised Learni...

                          • Gerald Ardito

                            Learning Theories Project

                            ...hing the rest of us about the learning theory you have been explorin...te, research, and explore the learning theory you have been charged...t you have learned about your learning theory with the rest of the of exploring, sharing, and learning. Now that you have become an...

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                            • Gerald Ardito

                              Models of Learning

                              Here is a place to collect our models of learning. When you upload your photo, please be sure your first name is in the file name.


                              • Johnny Chapeton

                                Final Reflection

                                ...t the coding could have been used to increase student interest in learning math. From this, and throughout the semester, I learned that technology can enhance student learning astronomically. Obviously, we...

                                • Johnny Chapeton

                                  Final Reflection

                                  ...t the coding could have been used to increase student interest in learning math. From this, and throughout the semester, I learned that technology can enhance student learning astronomically. Obviously, we...

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                                  • Yassine Mouaddab

                                    Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans

                                    ...sable to teachers to enhance student learning (formative assessments). The process of learning requires feedback and feedbac...instruction, which a passive way of learning. Consequently, students have...ack can serve as a great tool in the learning process for the person giving...

                                    • Mike Tenzer

                                      Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast

                                      ...ob tackling the topic that is learning. While on the surface the idea of learning sounds so simple, some people...e a teacher and how important learning is. His philosophy was driven...a lot of different phases of learning styles while he was a teacher...

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                                      • Gerald Ardito - Student

                                        Gerald Ardito - Student

                                        Tags: teaching, learning, online education

                                        • Melissa Meireles

                                          Melissa Meireles

                                          I graduated from Pace in May 2013 with a BA in Mathematics and Adolescent Education. Soon after graduating I began working full time as the Academic Coordinator at Pace Pleasantville’s Tutoring Center. My main focuses are running the Academic Coaching Program to ensure Pace’s athletes achieve aca...

                                          Tags: mathematics, education, teaching, learning

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