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    • Gerald Ardito

      Gerald Ardito

      About me: ...EM-D Education at Pace University's School of Education. His research interests include the development of self-directed, technology-enhanced learning environments.Skills: learning

      • Gerald Ardito - Student

        Gerald Ardito - Student

        Interests: learning

        • Kesiah Mathew

          Kesiah Mathew

          About me: Biology, Conceptual Physics, and Criminalistics. I am interested in learning about how I could utilize mor...erentiate my instruction as well as create an effective and innovative learning environment.

          • Melissa Meireles

            Melissa Meireles

            Interests: learning

            • Andrew Wells

              Andrew Wells

              About me: I teach four Living Environment classes and one Regents Physics class at Global Learning Collaborative in the Upper West Side. I like teaching. 

              • Isma Butt

                Isma Butt

                About me: ...I aspire to transfer my passion for inquiry to my students. Ideally, the goal I have for my students and myself is a minimally guided autonomous learning environment.   http://www....

                • Kimmy Yu

                  Kimmy Yu

                  Interests: Teaching and Learning about Chemistry

                  • Lev Vygotsky

                    Lev Vygotsky

                    About me: I love learning from other people, especially from those in my ZPD.

                    • David Evans

                      David Evans

                      About me: thrilled to be working with a great group of (younger) Fellows and learning new technology as I embark on...ty, CT, where I currently reside.  I look forward to to working and learning from you all! David Evans

                      • Rachel Richards

                        Rachel Richards

                        About me: I love to laugh, I love spending time with my family, love traveling and learning new things.