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    • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

      WrappingItUp-School Proposal

      ...differences in approaches to learning and performance, including different learning styles, and ways students dem...tter understand the different learning styles we are dealing with redesigning the classroom learning environment relating to what...

      • Tee Williams

        Learning Log - Code is Beautiful

        ...rn What I am learning while coding in Python is eve...d the technology world and by learning how to write codes it just em...Some topics I covered learning HTML were basic terminology,...u understand it. I feel after learning the basics, JAVA can be easy...

        • Kendall Stevenson

          Papert & Kay

          ...well as adults. By incorporating theories of learning from developmental psychology...olescents) to enhance and absorb knowledge by learning how to become critical thinke...nd therefore that teachers should do a lot of learning in the presence of the childr...

          • IrisTamayo

            Tamayo - Inquiry Results Report 2017-2018

            ...r Inquiry Question(s): Does culturally relevant learning activities motivate students to engage in learning activities? Do authe...from behavioral engagement to transactional engagement in learning tasks?...

            • Kristie Orlando-Bangali

              Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something

              ...Kristie Bangali EDG 902: Blending Learning: Using Technology to Shape Learning Environments 2a. Learn a L...h a Little Something.  For this learning experience, I have chosen to...that I will use to assess feedback and learning from this experience. ...

              • Kendall Stevenson

                Code is Poetry - Week 4 learning Log

                ...think that Twine is an excellent tool to use as a gateway to learning how to code (IN JAVA), creati...ted by computers, they were invented by humans. Syntax is syntax, learning to be fluent in a human langu...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Hattie and Donoghue, "Learning Strategies: a synthesis and conceptual model.

                  Here is the Hattie reading on Learning Strategies. By the way, if you are not familiar with Hattie's work, you might find it really interesting. Check out this website.

                  • Golanda Prince-Trim

                    Final Reflection

                    ...I still manage to enjoy some of my continued learning fun tools about technology. T...amming the mbot was very frustrating, a great learning experience. Never mind the bi...using and applying the various techniques for learning about coding and programming....

                    • Antonia Bueti

                      Antonia Bueti - Final Youth Culture.docx

                      ...creating a social "norm" worth following to enhance student learning” (Rivers, 2012).  ...ifth grade class that was observed for four weeks. Implications for learning My implications for learni...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Edutainment Robotics as Learning Tool

                        An interesting article about University students learning through robotics.