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    • Ann Lynch

      Comment on "Lesson Plan"

      ...dard(s) are most relevant to the learning goals?  ...ional journals that support your learning approach.    ...p;   Learning Goals/ Objectives for This changes would improve student learning?  Use research and theor...

      • Joyce Kong

        Comment on "Final Inquiry Project Reports 2016-2017"

        ...dents with the research process by using experiential learning: an...sp;

        • Gerald Ardito

          Comment on "ED 524 Reading Response, Week #3"

 They are: 1. To create a meaningful learning environment, I believe that s...responsible, ask questions, reflect on their learning, and socialize with each othe...hear you inquiring into what is the nature of learning? what role does responsibilit...

          • Laurie Barry

            Comment on "connectivism power point"

            ...icate our understanding of these learning theories! One could almo...volved in using the Connectivism learning theory while working approches when they model the learning environment in which they job guys!    #learningtheoriesproject

            • Jeremy Poserio

              Comment on "Alan Kay on Powerful Ideas"

              ...o be effective, we must incorporate this into learning. However, this is far easi...It's hard to let students just get on to learning, when it's not something...dents to answer pertinent questions to assess learning. My biggest failure comes...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Comment on "Reading Response 3"

                ...the impacts of the design of various types of learning environments? For example, in...rogram, she was providing the students with a learning environment that promoted col...what you value? And how will you sustain that learning environment over time?

                • Nicole Stevens

                  Comment on "Finalized Action Plan"

                  ...31 Week 2: Finalize action Plan Week 3: Learning Theories Chapter 2 We...k 6:  Chapter 6 Week 7-9: Designing a Learning Environment – Chapters...Chapter 7 Week 12: Chapter 10- Designing a Learning Environment Week 13: Chapt...

                  • Tamren Estevez

                    Comment on "Hey, Everybody!"

                    ...nline class concern. I work to produce online learning environments in my current po...ion. I have a huge dislike for the blackboard learning management system that Pace u...ect matter, but also regarding the way online learning environments are executed.&nb...

                    • Tee Williams

                      Comment on "Chapter 1 response"

                      ...ich will help ground the information they are learning. I am a visual learner and on...a good way to enhance education and make learning fun by using eBooks with diff...with students for them to get the most out of learning. As you mentioned creating&nb...

                      • Kesiah Mathew

                        Comment on "Herbrand - Week 6"

                        ...oints in your post. I agree with you on the point you made about learning code- "learning how to solve problems in a other subjects." From my experiences on Codeacademy and learning HTML, learning how to code di...