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    • Melissa Meireles

      Unlocking the Code for Robotics in the Classroom

      ...where he addresses the importance of students learning how to write compute code. As...cussed multiple times throughout this course, learning how to code has many benefits...elates to the article Edutainment Robotics as Learning tool as we saw the students w...

      • Jake Rapoport

        Report: Using Ed Tech to Boost Development of Social-Emotional Learning Skills The article...can benefit the development social-emotional learning skills. In an educational wor...ter self-esteem can make for a more efficient learning process which benefits themse...

        • Rebecca Capsuto

          Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison of Two Case Studies

          ...article Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison o...rios for Robot Assisted Language Learning (RALL). In both case studies...tool was to assist the language learning process, as the children plac...dents became more engaged in the learning process. The experimenters po...

          • Giuseppe Marchica

            Cross Cutting Literacy into Different Subject Areas

            ...).   3) As educators we are always learning, not just in school (during o...ner through literacy. Although Eminem’s learning of English wasn’t conve...ey integrated different subjects within their learning like Eminem has done. Who are...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Rubrics for Examining Deeper Learning in Middle School Science Classrooms

              ...was developed for the Challenge Based Science Learning project funded by the William...ation, which brought together Challenge Based Learning and the Next Generation Scien...ed by researchers, educators and professional learning experts to study deeper learn...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Tools that unlock learning environments

                A new blog post about my personal learning trajectory from a fascination with technology tools to the use of technology to create powerful learning environments.

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Some amazing simulations for learning Science

                  At a recent learning conference, I saw some cool simulations for learning Science. Take a look.

                  • Susan Granata

                    Edutopia Article on Blended Learning and Learning Stations

                    A brief article from Edutopia on our class topic - some tips on incorporating Blended Learning to Elementary school classes.

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Agent Based Modeling Course

                      I have been spending time this summer learning about Complex Adaptive Systems. I initially got interested...o relevant to my research about the emergence of self determination in learning settings. Now, I am taking...

                      • Mei Wai Lam

                        Teaching Kids to Build Computers

                        ...cts that comes out now are computerized or "smart" as the marketers prefer to call it. Ed administration must make learning computer tech a requirement like learning a second language asap. And t...