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    • Gerald Ardito

      Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something

      Now that you have made some plans, it is time to get to work learning and teaching a little something. As was stated in the syllabus, here are the goals of these projects: Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something For these assignments you are going to learn something by usin...

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      • Nina LaMarch

        Learn/Teach a Little Something

        For the learn a little something, I chose to learn about how to change a flat tire. I am, apparently, prone to getting flats, so this will be a very useful skill for me to learn. Through the use of videos on youtube and with some virtual help from my dad, I was able to learn how to change a flat....

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        • Kristie Orlando-Bangali

          Learn a Little Something/Teach a Little Something

          Kristie Bangali EDG 902: Blending Learning: Using Technology to Shape Learning Environments 2a. Learn a Little Something.  For this assignment I have chosen to learn more about using the Comment Bank feature inside Google Classroom. This feature allows teachers to more efficient...

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          • Jessika Charvis

            Learn a little something/Teach a little something

            I decided to learn about our Earth's environment and what is happening to it. I did this through three videos: After learning about ...

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            • Alicia DelMastro

              Learn Something/Teach Something

              In May, I submitted a grant for my district for $20,000 for elementary robots for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grades. This grant included beebots, dash and dots, ozobots, spheros, cubettos, codeapillars and code and go. The grant also included 2 carts per school ( there are four...

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              • Anthony Travaglini

                Learn a little, teach a little

                  Learn a little   Mastering a Song               The process of mastering a song is something I've always wanted to work on. I studied mixing while in undergrad, but we never really touched upon the process ...

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                • Brianna Walter

                  Teach A Little Something

                  Hi Everyone,  So the purpose of my lesson is for everyone to learn how to make whipped cream from scratch!  I have created a video that demonstrates the various steps (with some hyperspeed and splits) to save time.  I then uploaded it to Youtube and then EdPuzzle to develop an o...

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                  • Susan Granata

                    Learning a Little about Flower Arranging

                      Topic – Flower Arranging For the Learn a Little/Teach a Little project, I chose to learn about arranging store-bought flowers in a vase for a table display. I love to have fresh flowers in my home, and wanted to learn how to arrange them for optimal display. The first step w...

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                    • Michelle Raspanti

                      Learn a Little Something: Water Marbling

                                                     For Learn a Little Something, I decided to take the time to learn something to do with self-care/self-expression!  Since I have not had the time to do this in the past and am now...

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                      • Susan Granata

                        Flower Arranging for Fun and Frolic

                        Edited for video playback.

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