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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Final Reflection" answer, as McTighe and Wiggins might request, does the introduction of basic coding into a histor...the subject matter?   In my estimation it does.  The introduction of coding allows students the...

      • Ty Robson

        Comment on "Hello all!"

        Hey Melissa.  Interesting introduction.  First off, I'm a big eastern Europe fan.  I studied abroad in Prague 10 years ago, and have gone back several times since, and...

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        • Ty Robson

          Ty's Week 5 Response

          ...Inside the Glass Box” that coding should be taught through the introduction of more limited interfaces. &...  A program like Scratch just feels more rewarding as an introduction to coding. I like the way tha...

          • Jenelle Dyer


            My Introduction: Hi my name is Jenelle Crystal Dyer. I am currently a chemistry teacher at a great school and my kids are really awesome (most). I am looking forward t...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Basic Scratch Tutorial Series

              This is a really, really good set of video tutorials to support your learning of Scratch. The author created these from his books on Scratch, which are available via the Kindle store for about $3.00 each. Basic Scratch Beyond Basic Scratch

              • Kesiah Mathew

                Teaching STEM Skills with NAO Robots

                This article discusses the introduction of a NAO robots in a middle school to enhance 21st century skills in STEM. The conclusions and ideas discussed in this article are significant b...

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Robotics Project - Spring 2018

                  ...ection to Pace Commons.   The Robotics Project Here is what we will be up to each week of the project. Week 1: Introduction to the mBot Introduction to this robotics program. I...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    CS for Teachers Spring 2019 Course Work

                    ...we will be exploring the (generally little known) rich history of computer science in education.   Unit 2 – Code is Poetry: An introduction to programming languages and...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Course Work - ED 631 - Educational Psychology - Spring 2018

                      I know that this is not an Abnormal Psychology Course, but this image has been in my mind for weeks now as I have been planning the course. And maybe that's not so far off -- we are going to be working in a very atypical way this semester. Here is a wiki (collection of pages) where you...

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                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Week 1 - "Getting Oriented and Organized"

                        Welcome to Week 1 - Getting Oriented and Organized Here is what to do: 1. Watch the Introduction Video. Here is a link to the corrected presentation. 2. Look over the Wikipedia article on Educational Psychology. Think about: What patterns do you see in the article about the areas ...

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