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    • Gerald Ardito

      What Kids Can Do

      This is the site that Christine shared which features resources about student inquiry and research.

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      • Christine Clayton

        Guiding Lens Resources

        We have collected a set of resources for each of the four Guiding Lenses we have been discussing. You can follow the links below to view them. USING QUESTIONS AND QUESTIONING PURPOSEFULLY There is evidence of exploration of disciplinary content driven by a progression of compelling and m...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          TED Talk on Inquiry and Science

          Here is a great Ted Talk about what is Science. The interesting part is about how they related Science and Inquiry as processes.

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          • Christine Clayton

            Visualizing the Evidence – From Personal Slateboards to Infographics

            Here is a summary of the talk that Professor Pete McDermott planned to give at our Network Day 2 2017. What do you think about this talk? What do you think about the ideas?  Would you be willing to experiment in your classroom?  Questions?  Visualizing the Evidence &ndas...

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          • Pace Inquiry Learning Collaborative 2017-2018

            Pace Inquiry Learning Collaborative 2017-2018

            The online home for the 2017-2018 TLQP Project
            • Mike Devlin

              Selecting and Evaluating Sources -- An Inquiry Report

              This inquiry report explores the research habits of students after an intervention regarding evaluating sources during policy research. 

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