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    • Gerald Ardito

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      Ty, Thanks for this. Did you also plan on signing the other informed consent form?

      • Erroll Davidson

        Comment on "Reflection 3"

        Jasmin, I enjoyed your blog. Taking responsibility for your students and their learning in the classroom is importan...ducators would not have any students to teach. As such, keeping their parents informe...

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        • Ronald Celestin


          Breadcrumb #5 (Chapter 5) "A great coach never achieves greatness for himself or...This was a great week. My assistant principal informed me that he received positive...put my proposals down on paper. He laughed when I informe...

          • Danielle Scally

            Robot- My Students Named it MAX

            The Mbots websites says it would take ten minutes to set up.....for a normal person lessons for week 1-3.  Hopefully mom responds to my email about video consent and I can start posting the v...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Week 5

              ...can pull together the groups and resources. In case you have a problem accessing the survey, try this: 4. Informed Consents. If you have not yet downloaded and signed the Informed Consent forms I mentioned last week,...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Session 4

                Hello folks, Thanks again for a great class this morning.   And thanks again to Christina and Robert something from within an area you are passionate about. Let your lesson be informe...

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                • Rachel DeMayo

                  ED 631- Putting It All Together Portfolio

                  This course has been a journey through all facets of educational psychology, which included the investigation of var...ruggles and changes that are occurring internally, we as teachers can be more-informe...

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                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Responses to SWBT Podcast

                    This week, we will listen to Will Richardson interviewed on the SWBT (So We've Been Thinking) podcast. Will i...ich world? Once you have listened to this episode, please write a response informe...

                    • Tara Thornton

                      Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast

                      1. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and the presentation of the information. The speaker was well informe...