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    • Sara Herbrand

      Comment on "HTML Unit 3"

      I think it would be much more difficult if I was working o...d with each session of lessons. When I originally started going through the lessons, I...brought everything back together. This is where I started having my errors because I ha...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Etoys Hello World Exercise"

        Tamren, Nice job with getting yourself started with Etoys. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  

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        • Adacia Teemal

          My Journey Through Educational Psychology Portfolio

          ...of entry for my students. We started our unit on Forensic Psycholo...very hectic week in terms of getting things done. My students had...made my students laugh and it started the off the day on a high not...ssroom   This week started off very chaotic for me. I ha...

          • Anthony Travaglini

            Twine learning logs 1-4

            ...nd the Story Formatting. Also started reading the Digital Adventure...old school but keeps me from getting overwhelmed and also helps me...helped me succeed in not only getting the task accomplished but exc...ep at the material. For me it started the second I opened the progr...

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            • Jake Rapoport

              Robotics Article Analysis

                In my limited work thus far in the field of teaching, I’ve come to getting students interested and engaged is most of the battle. Getting a student to not only be inter...that area. Even ignoring that getting something from a subject is would go a long way towards getting...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Getting started with Pace Commons

                Here are a couple of brief tutorials for getting started using Pace Commons.

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                • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

                  WrappingItUp-School Proposal

                  ...e first couple of weeks of school getting to know our student’s s...r practice by being reflective by getting the students opinions. These...was like teaching when they first started and compare the standards exp...he solution to a manageable class started out with the routines and was...

                  • Kendall Stevenson

                    Papert & Kay

                    I. How have Papert and Kay shaped the world of computing in education? The major func...riented programming and windowing graphical user interface design. In 1967 Kay started his first attempt at designin...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Week 1 (Getting Started)

                      Here is the work for Week 1. Our focus this week is in getting all the pieces in place for the course.  1. Getting Set up in Pace Commons. For this course, we are going to be using a social learning pl...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Week 2 Work

                        ...ey assessments, required texts, and the course schedule.  2. Getting Started on Pace Commons. Please look over these tutorials about how to get started using Pace Commons. Then, whe...

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                        • Gerald Ardito

                          Getting Started with Pace Commons

                          Welcome to Pace Commons! This is a social network where we can learn together i..., create Pinterest-type pinboards.  Here are some tutorials to get you started. If you need anything, send m...

                          • Gerald Ardito

                            Welcome to CS for Teachers

                   on Pinterest), and send instant messages.     Getting Started on Pace Commons Complete y...and request to join it. Look here , here, and here for how to get started using Pace Commons. &nbs...

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                            • Naya Rivera

                              Reply on topic: Reflecting on our 3 Minute Presentations

                              ...thing that didn’t work was getting everybody on beat. In stop, then played the song and started again on beat. Also, I start the music. Once everyone started and was participating, I hone...esson showed me the importance of getting a point across in a short amo...

                              • Ariana Morales

                                Reply on topic: Reflecting on our 3 Minute Presentations

                                My process for designing my three minute lesson plan was b...organized my presentation worked best for me, started off with a question to see ho.... I felt nervous going up at first but then once I started I was focused that the nerves...

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                                • Gerald Ardito

                                  Getting Started with Pace Commons

                                  Welcome to Pace Commons! This is a social network where we can learn together in all kinds of ways. And like any social network you can do all kinds of things - post blogs, create webpages, share photos and videos, share bookmarks, create Pinterest-type pinboards.  Here are some tu...

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                                  • Gerald Ardito

                                    Welcome to CS for Teachers

                                    Course Description This course introduces teachers from across content-areas to core concepts and skills from computer science via a current and rich project-based curriculum.  After exposure to key historical and theoretical threads from computer science and software studies, student...

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