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    • Jazmine Santiago

      Chapt. 7&9 Response/Reflection

      ...dents’ behaviors. In our trainings and fieldwork we have repeatedly been told...inion, is the student centered models. In my fieldwork this has been I have seen and...more connections with our coursework and my fieldwork. Classroom management is appl...

      • Louie

        Week 1

        ...rior hopefully)...  Also, I’m going to make it a point to try to create a thread for our stories (the ones we come home with from our fieldwork).  Sharing those experie...

        • Louie

          Week 5 Breadcrumbs

          ...kinner and Zimmerman for those who want to search Pace’s online library. The first thing I took away from the research to help me in my fieldwork were the “indices of en...

          • Louie

            Week 7

            ..., “writing questions and comments in the margins of the article (Liu, 2006),” (Seifert, 2015).  In the classroom I am in for my fieldwork, we have a “S.U.N.&rdqu...

            • Rachel Scarano

              New York Science Standards Reflection

              ...nd. I feel like I would have trouble coming up with a lesson since the standards for lessons start to get very advanced. I am currently doing my fieldwork in a 5th grade science class,...