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  • ED 644 Fall 2017

    ED 644 Fall 2017

    Here is the online home for ED 644 Fall 2017.
    • Gerald Ardito

      Ed 644 Fall 2017 - Course Work

      You can consider this a living syllabus for the course. Here is where we will lay out the work for each week. Here is a link to the syllabus for the course. Consider it the course roadmap and requirements, but the specifics of each assignment will be found on these pages. As you can see...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        These Dogs Vote by Sneezing

        A really interesting report of research on canine pack behavior and, well, sneezing.

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Welcome to ED 644 on Pace Commons

          This will be our online home for this course. I look forward to working with all of you this semester. I decided Pace Commons to be a place to support social learning, as opposed to the rigidity of learning management systems like Blackboard. Like in other social networks, you can post ...

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          • Gerald Ardito

            ED 644 Fall 2017

            A place to keep some photos.

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          • EDG 606 Fall 2017

            EDG 606 Fall 2017

            This is the online home for the EDG 606 Learning Environments course with Dr. Ardito for Fall 2017.
            • Gerald Ardito

              Week 1

              Here is the work for Week 1 of our course. The goal is to begin to create the foundations of a learning community and to lay the groundwork for our work together. 1. Get Set Up on Pace Commons. In the email that got you here, there were instructions for logging into Pace Commons and settin...

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              • Gerald Ardito

                EDG 606 Course Syllabus Fall 2017 Ardito

                Here is the syllabus for our course.

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Learning Theories Project

                  Learning Theories Project Overview The goal of this project is to have us learn about most of the key learning theories informing education today. To do this, you will work in a group and become an expert on one of these theories. Then, you and your colleagues will design an module for t...

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                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Ardito Introduction

                    Blah blahblah

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