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    • Kesiah Mathew

      Kesiah Mathew

      Hello! I graduated from Pace University with a BA in Biology Education in 2014. I am currently a Science teacher at Pleasantville High School and a graduate student at Pace University getting my masters in Educational Technology. This is my second year teaching at PHS and the subjects that I teac...

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      • Melissa Meireles

        Melissa Meireles

        I graduated from Pace in May 2013 with a BA in Mathematics and Adolescent Education. Soon after graduating I began working full time as the Academic Coordinator at Pace Pleasantville’s Tutoring Center. My main focuses are running the Academic Coaching Program to ensure Pace’s athletes achieve aca...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Agent Based Modeling Course

          I have been spending time this summer learning about Complex Adaptive Systems. I initially got interested thanks to this blog post from Jon Dron. Then, I kept diving in because it seemed so relevant to my research about the emergence of self determination in learning settings. Now, I am tak...

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          • Mashfiq Ahmed

            Mashfiq Ahmed

            I am a chemistry teacher currently teaching in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. 

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            • Charli Frankel

              Charli Frankel

              Hello everyone! My name is Charli and I am a Chemistry teacher currently teaching in Downtown Brooklyn. 

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