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    • Yajaira Gonzalez

      About myself and learning experience

      I  remember practicing writing my name in cursive before even setting foot in a classroom when I was three years old (i was doing it wrong, but that not the point). I was a great student, I picked things up quick and was always the first to turn in my assignments. Nowadays I do not...

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      • David Evans

        How I Learn Best

        How I learn best is in a group or class setting that is a structured, calm environment in which a teacher has demonstrable, sustained control of the class.  As a learner I can be easily distracted, and so, to work among a group of people concentrating as I am on the ...

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        • Joshua Weidmann

          Myself as a learner

          I learn in three prominent ways: by visualizing, by discussing and by doing. The visual component of a lesson is what gets my brain working.  I generally have an easy time following a chart or when a teacher writes the steps of a math problem on the board.  Visual aids intr...

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          • jmann

            Lifelong learner

            I learn best when there is multiple means of representation for the subject content. The learning environment should be fun yet structured with a passionate educator. An educator that is agile and excited about what they are teaching, always grasp and hold my interest throughout the lesson. I thi...

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            • Ellen Tietjen

              Introduce Yourselves

              Hello everyone! Some of you may know me, while some of you have yet to actually come in contact with my through skill building or our orientation the other night, so I will go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Ellen Tietjen and I currently reside in Suffolk County, on Long Island. Over the c...

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              • Jacqueline Wyman

                Wyman Introduction

                Hi all- I am excited for this course as I do love to learn and am committed to being a lifelong learner. I learn best by reading/listening but then most importantly doing. I need instructions to get my brain wheels turning but I never actually soak in all the content until I can implement it in s...

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                • Kylah Nicole  Brown

                  Introduction to Learning

                  Good morning! My name is Kylah and I have gotten to know most of you; some better than others during the course of our SBS over the past few weeks. I learn best in an environment where information is taught using a mixture of different techniques and styles. I like new experiences in learning and...

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                  • David Felix


                    Good evening everyone My name is David Felix and I have to come to know some of you, and look forward to getting to know the rest of you. I tend to me more of a hands on and visual learner that enjoys being in a class that has a clear direction and purpose. This is important for me because I k...

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                    • Latoya Knight

                      Week 1 discussions

                      Mr Carl Rogers highlighted some fundamental rules as it relates to learning. The five elements of learning should be a guideline for teachers. Although educators are essential to our education system they should serve as the initiative body of learning whom sparks the learning interests of studen...

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                      • Christopher Grateneau

                        How I learn best

                        With all these years of schooling that I have completed I have tried various ways of processing and retaining information. Through this trial and error I have found that I learn best when I am able to be shown how to do something and then allowed to do it myself, therefore I am a combination of b...

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