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    • Sam Hoffman


      Hi everybody! I'm really excited to be working with all of you this session. As a learner, I think of myself as a kinesthetic learner. I say this because I always find...

      • Carlton Allen


        ...ot so great experiences have all been related to me trusting individuals that ultimately disappointed me.  But you live and you learn. #edg606intros  


        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 1

          ...e some thought to these questions, and then write a response by creating a blog post here on Pace Commons. In your post, be sure to add the tag edg606intros. 3. Read and Respond. To g...


          • Yajaira Gonzalez

            About myself and learning experience

            I  remember practicing writing my name in cursive before even setting foot in a classroom when I was three years old (i was doing it wrong, but that not the point). I was a great student, I picked things up quick and was always the first to turn in my assignments. Nowadays I do not...

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            • David Evans

              How I Learn Best

              How I learn best is in a group or class setting that is a structured, calm environment in which a teacher has demonstrable, sustained control of the class.  As a learner I can be easily distracted, and so, to work among a group of people concentrating as I am on the ...

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