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    • NorkelisCruz

      What type of learner am I?

      I would consider myself a visual learner. I need to see something being done so I can observe the steps and then I must practice in order to excel. Very much like a you do, we do then I do. I definitely need to see the information and be able to visualize. I love graphs, some type of presentation...

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      • Carmel Joseph Yapp

        Learning Environment

        I learn best when I work alone and use self-study. In an age when the trend seems to be toward collaborative learning, group discussions and feedback, it's often time very hard to admit. I enjoy hearing other people's perspectives on issues, however, the truth is that unless I physically ...

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        • Nicole Bailey

          How I learn Best

          I work/learn best in a structured environment, but I'm flexible in given situation. Once the class is organized and well run I'm good to go!

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          • Valerie Cherfilus

            Introduce yourself

            Hello My Fellow D75 Teachers in the Making, I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. My Name is Valerie, and I am currently working on becoming certified for the grade levels 1-6. I feel that I learn best through experience or hands on work, which would fit me into...

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            • William Cuellar

              How i learn best

               Hello my name is William Cuellar.  Throughout my learning experience I can say I learn best by tactile things, hearing and repetition.  The kind of learning environment that can be the most productive to me is in a small classroom environment that promotes participation, interacti...

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              • Gerald Ardito

                Ardito Introduction

                Blah blahblah

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                • Nicole Hamilton

                  Learning to Teach & Teaching to Learn

                  Hello Everyone! Sorry to post super late to this thread. This has been an intense week, and my students have already blessed me with their germs, so i am battling a bad cold.  My learning experiences vary depending on the scenario. I consider every day to be an opportunity for us to learn...

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                  • Jazmine Santiago

                    how I learn best

                    the best way for me to learn is through experience. I am a very hands on learner and highly visual. From an early age I have retained information better when it is displayed through graphs, pictures, diagrams, etc. Another way I learn is by repetition and writing everything I learn over and over....

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                    • Valerie Cherfilus

                      Operant conditioning Theory Sub Group :)

                      Hagopian, L., Ph.D, & Graham, C., M.A. (2009, June 11). Problem Behavior In Autism. Retrieved September 19, 2017. The article Problem Behavior in Autism highlight the use of Operant conditioning as well as Functional communication training to alter, reduce or eliminate undesirable behavior...

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                      • Valerie Cherfilus

                        Operant conditioning Theory

                        This was a podcast I found that was extremely helpful in explaining Operant conditioning. Some of the examples might fly over your head so consider listen to the podcast a few times and if you would like, reply to this post and tell me what you thought about it or how it may have changed you...

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