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    • Selina Zhang

      Final Portfolio

      Selina Zhang - EDG 605 Final Portfolio

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      • Sasha Sanders

        Sasha Sanders_Final Porfolio-EDG605

        Since I was young, I've always been well versed person in anything I pursued. When I became a teacher that quickly changed. I learned that there are so many ways to do things wrong, but luckily, there are even more ways to do things right. My self assessment caused me to think about my p...

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        • Mellicea Campbell

          Professional Development Plan

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          • Marc Steven Michel

            Marc Michel- Final Portfolio/Professional Development Plan

            I have worked intensely for 6 weeks in this class. What I consider to be my strongest work  is the Storying Data Project ( ). I chose to annotate this project because I found the information, I discovered from my data an...

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            • Ivan Baez

              Annotation of Feedback and Assessment Reflection

              For my final assignment I chose to annotate my reading reflection on feedback and assessments. I feel that for my own practice this work made me think deeper on how I work with my students and their families to make feedback meaningful to the students. The Power of Feedback article was very inspi...

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              • Mika Khaytin

                Week 7 - Final Portfolio

                Here is a link to my coursework for this class: Below is the annotations/final portfolio assignment:

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