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    • Selina Zhang

      Final Portfolio

      Selina Zhang - EDG 605 Final Portfolio

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      • Mellicea Campbell

        Professional Development Plan

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        • Marc Steven Michel

          Marc Michel- Final Portfolio/Professional Development Plan

          I have worked intensely for 6 weeks in this class. What I consider to be my strongest work  is the Storying Data Project ( ). I chose to annotate this project because I found the information, I discovered from my data an...

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          • Ivan Baez

            Annotation of Feedback and Assessment Reflection

            For my final assignment I chose to annotate my reading reflection on feedback and assessments. I feel that for my own practice this work made me think deeper on how I work with my students and their families to make feedback meaningful to the students. The Power of Feedback article was very inspi...

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            • Mika Khaytin

              Week 7 - Final Portfolio

              Here is a link to my coursework for this class: Below is the annotations/final portfolio assignment:

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