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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 5 - Storying Data Project

      For this week, you will be completing the Storying Data Project. You can see the details and requirements here. Your work is due by Monday, July 8th. As you will see in the requirements, you will share your work in a blog post. Be sure to use the tag: edg605storyingdata Here are...

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      • Darren Dempster

        Week 5 Storying Data

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        • Anees Mohammad

          Week Five Storying Data Project

          Here is my link to the storying data project: Here is a link to an infographic illustration I created:  

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          • Jocelyn Chan

            Jocelyn Chan- Storying Data

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            • Christopher Willem

              Chris Willem- Storying Data

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              • Andre Barrella

                Story Andre Barrella

                This is my upload for Story telling, I hope you enjoy!

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                • Kevin Walker

                  Graduation Data Story district 25

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                  • Amanda Spadaro

                    Storying Data

                    This is my Storying Data assignment, looking at at graduation rates for Students with Disabilities, specifically in the Bronx.

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                    • Charli Frankel

                      Frankel - Storying Data

                        I have attached a link to my storying data project above. Charli  

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                      • Merlica Jn Baptiste

                        Merlica Jn Baptiste Storying Data Project

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