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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 2 Work

      Here is the work for Week 2: 0. Brief Video. Please watch this brief video which talks about the work for this week. I also demonstrate how to post your work to Pace Commons. 1. Reading Responses. You are going to do our first round of reading responses this week. In order to do so, we will...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Dr. Ardito's EDG 605 Week 1 Reading Responses

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        • Christopher Willem

          Reading Response 1- Chris Willem

          Week 2 Chris Willem             In terms of assessment, I liken formative and summative assessments to practice and a performance or game. In my classroom, in preparation for an exam I usually tell my students, “Would you show up ...

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          • Mashfiq Ahmed

            Mashfiq Ahmed's EDG-605 Week 2 Reading Response

            Based on what I know about feedback and assessment, assessment is done in an effort to determine how a student is progressing and how much of the content they understand. Afterwards, a teacher typically provides feedback (either written or verbal). Students will ideally use this feedback to corre...

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            • Andre Barrella

              Andre Barrella Week 2 EDG 605

              Feedback and assessment are the key principles of education. A circular path that teachers follow to gather information on where they think the student is, and where the student actually is. From the lens of an educator, feedback happens every period of the day. No class at the K-12 level that re...

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              • Gabrielle Pasiak

                Gabrielle Pasiak- Reading Response 1

                Feedback can be considered as tips for a student on how they can improve on the task at hand. Through the readings I found that the type of feedback needs to be individualized for every single student. Providing feedback to students must be done “at the appropriate level,” in order fo...

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                • Germa Dubois

                  Germa Dubois EDG 605 Reading Response Week 2

                  Germa Dubois Professor Gerald Ardito EDG 605   The difference between what I think I know about feedback and assessment and what research tells me, is that feedback and assessment is a way to further assist your students in their weak areas. In assessment, you are basically check...

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                  • Mika Khaytin

                    Week 2 Reading Repsonse

                    Assessments are performances of student knowledge of a topic or skill, while feedback is a teacher’s response or grading of that assessment. Assessment can take two forms: formative and summative. Formative assessments can help teachers determine where students are in relation to learning g...

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                    • Merlica Jn Baptiste

                      Dr. Ardito EDG 605

                      Without assessment and feedback how would we know whether a student acquire knowledge that is being transferred to them. The difference between what we think we know about feedback and assessment, what research tells us is that I think assessment is a way to measure student learning which is done...

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                      • Charli Frankel

                        Charli Frankel - EDG 605 - Week 2 Response

                          The ultimate goal of assessments depend on the type of assessment; whether it be formative or summative, it is important that timely feedback is given to the student. While we think of assessment primarily as a reflection for the students’ performance, formative assessments specif...

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