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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 7 Work

      Here is the work for Week 7. ***Be sure to check the Group Leader Rotations here. Remember, this is Week 7. However, the Week 8 Group Leaders are doing the 3x3s this week.*** 0. Video Feedback. Here is my video response to the work for Week 6. 1. Reading Responses. This week's w...

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      • Xin

        Week 7 Group E

        Good evening all!! We've made it to week 7! I look forward to reading your responses! Thanks!! Best, Xin

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        • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

          Week 7 Literacy

          As social practices mediated by digital technologies, new literacies differ fundamentally from conventional print literacies on the basis that their inscriptions are rendered in pixels on screens rather than by impressions on paper, by means of digital code rather than material analogue. (Knobel ...

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          • Krista Hegge

            Week 7

            Digital literacy is a new platform for adolescents to learn, engage, communicate, create, and collaborate. Today's society is more and more embedded with technology, using technology in the classrooms and teaching our students to be digitally literate is is helping them be more career and col...

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            • Rachel Richards

              Week 7

              Rachel Richards Dr. Ardito Group D Adolescent literacy matters in our community today, mainly teaching in such a diverse city where education is dominant to afford certain lifestyles. In schools today, there is a need for an increase in complex comprehension, reasoning skills, and knowle...

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              • Milani Machicote

                ED 656 Week 7

                Adolescent literacy in the digital age is a very interesting topic especially amongst educators and other personnel who work directly with youth. For a very long time to be literate simply meant to be an individual that could read and write, however literacy can now be defined as the ability to r...

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