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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 6 Work

      Here is the work for Week 6. ***Be sure to check the Group Leader Rotations here. Remember, this is Week 6.*** 0. Video Feedback. Be sure to take a look at the this short video. It gives some feedback for the work of Week 5 as well as setting up the work for Week 6.  1. Reading...

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      • Julie Irizarry

        Week 6 - Readings & Response

        Taking a look at writing and its role in the classroom involves differentiating writing as a product and writing as a process. While planning lessons, we anticipate student responses and possible misconceptions, but are we also incorporating steps to take students through the process of writing? ...

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        • Milani Machicote

          ED 656 Week 6 Reading Response

          Science in and of itself is a language of its own. When individuals think of literacy or writing instruction in the content area, specifically in science, they may think it is as simple as an educator telling students to do a “close reading” of the text where they identify vocabulary,...

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