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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 4 Work

      Here is the work for Week 4. ***Be sure to check the Group Leader Rotations here. Remember, this is Week 4.*** 0. Video (feedback). Be sure to take a look at the this short video. It gives some feedback for the work of Week 3 as well as setting up the work for Week 4.  1. Reading Re...

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      • Krista Hegge

        Week 4

        I feel that literacy instruction should not have one “look”. It should be flexible depending on content, grade level, and also the populations of students. However with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) seem to keep teachers in a “box” or “framework” as to...

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        • Milani Machicote

          ED 656 Week 4 Reading Response

          Adolescent literacy instruction is a topic of concern that has been garnering increasing attention over the past couple of years. On a national scale, politicians, researchers, educators, and other school personnel in charge of educational policies have been working tirelessly to promote the adeq...

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