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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 3 Work

      ...Commons will carry over the coloring. Here is a brief tutorial on how to do this part of the work. For your responses, using the tag: ed656crr2 2. 3 x 3 Screencasts. ...


      • Gerald Ardito

        Week 3 Work

        Welcome to Week 3 Video Be sure to watch this brief video introduction to Week 3.   **Starting this week, you will be working in groups. Here are the groups and group rotation schedule*** This week's work is organized around the guiding question: What is disciplinary-based li...

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        • Andrew Rohan

          Andrew Rohan's Week 3 Analysis

          After reading the articles, to me disciplinary-based learning is the idea of the teacher specifically curtailing their teaching methods and coursework for the subject in which they are teaching. Hillman supports my answer by stating that disciplinary literacy has been described as “advanced...

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